With teams across the country, managing spend and payments to them is impossible without Xente.


As an NGO with teams in rural parts of the country, facilitating them to be productive was a nightmare. They need money, they need to make phone calls and they need access to the internet to get work done.

Working individually with telecom providers including MTN, Airtel, Africell et al was manual, time-consuming and filled with red tape. Furthermore, accountability and delivery reports across many platforms were impossible to track. We were looking for a one-stop solution with the capabilities of sending mobile money, airtime and data bundles.

It was important that the solution was easy to use and the support responsive.


When we were introduced to Xente, we knew immediately that this is exactly what they needed.

The support staff was friendly and helpful and the system is easy to use.

We have teams across the country and we facilitate them with mobile money, airtime, and data bundles across all networks in minutes - this used to take days.

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