Frequently asked questions

1. What is Xente ?

Xente is a leading company card and payments platform. We provide solutions that automate everyday payments for businesses. With Xente, businesses and their teams use digital processes leveraging smart Visa cards and mobile money to make and collect payments instead of cumbersome manual processes using cash, cheques, and paper.

2. What can I do with a Xente account ?

After signing up, businesses can do the following.

i) Issue smart Visa cards to their teams and then set rules to determine how, when, and where company money is spent.

ii) Create virtual cards that can be used to make online payments wherever Visa is accepted

iii) Disburse money, mobile money, airtime, data, and more to remote employees and other business stakeholders

iv) Accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, and mobile money

3. Why should I use Xente ?

Use Xente if you want to get control of your company money.

If your finance and admin teams are relying on manual processes that are prone to human error, have lots of paperwork to keep track of what is happening, struggling to manage finance and payments to/from remote teams and clients and getting accountability and audit headaches, then Xente is the right tool for you.

4. What a Smart Xente Visa Cards ?

Smart Xente Visa Cards are physical Visa cards that business issues to their teams to control how they spend. Unlike ordinary Visa cards that you get from the bank, with Xente Visa cards you

(i) Get a portal to manage your company cards

(ii) Can easily load the cards using funds in your Xente business wallet

(iii) Can set spending limits to control how much is spent

(iv) Can set merchant whitelists to control where the cards can be used

(v)  Can set if a card can be used at ATM to withdraw cash or not

(vi)  Can set if a card can be used locally, internationally or both

(vii)  Is not linked to a bank account but rather an employee digital wallet that you control.

(viii)  Have visibility on how, where, and when money is being spent

(ix)   Can approve or preapprove how, where, and when money on the card is spent

All these features and more allow you to get control of your company funds but also give your teams the freedom to spend without hustle.

5. What are Xente Visa virtual cards ?

A virtual card is a digital card, as opposed to a physical card. You can use a virtual card for online payments everywhere. Virtual cards can be used for one-time payments or recurring subscriptions for popular services like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Amazon web services, and other popular SAAS services.

Xente Visa virtual cards prevent vendor fraud, limit your risk with subscriptions, and help control spending.

With Xente, businesses can set up a separate virtual card for each subscription, setting limits on how much can be charged and when the subscription should end. That means vendors can never overcharge you or renew your subscription unless you allow it.

6. Can I do disbursements with Xente ?

Yes, you can. You can send mobile money, airtime, and data to your remote teams and other business stakeholders using Xente.

7. Can I accept payments with Xente ?

Yes, you can accept Visa, MasterCard, and Mobile Money payments.

8. What are your charges ?

Please check out our pricing page

9. Is my money safe ?

Xente holds a trust account with a licensed bank - this account is designed to keep your money safe.

We are also pursuing licensing which means we must adhere to best practices and guidelines to keep your money safe.

Our systems have bank-grade security and we encrypt all data in transit. As a matter of principal we do not store sensitive financial information like card numbers, PINs, and passwords on our systems.

10. In which countries does Xente operate ?

We currently have operations in Uganda.

11. How do I sign up for Xente

Getting Xente is easy. Register for an account using this link

You can also schedule a demo and will get back to you within 12 hours.

12. Have another question ?

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