Simplify company spending

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork, receipt hunting, petty cash and manual expense management. Xente offers smart Visa cards that automate spending and expense reporting.

Smart company cards

Issue cards to your team members

Automated expenses

Upload receipts with an app, anytime anywhere

Spend reports

See and manage team spend in one place, in real-time

Automate accountability

Integrate Xente with your accounting platform

Say goodbye to tedious manual work

The Xente Visa card is smart. It can be used as a petty cash card, fuel card, meal card, per diem card, remote office expenses, travel card and more.

Stay in control.

Fund the cards and set policy on the cards to determine how money is spent. Unlike normal bank cards, with a Xente Visa card, you determine where money can spent, how much can be spent and when it can be spent

Account & audit without hustle.

No more accountability and audit nightmares. You receive real-time notifications and reports as the cards are used. You can also integrate with your accounting system to capture operating expenditure in real-time.

1. Why is spend management important ?

Spend management is very important because if you're struggling to know what, when, where, and how your business money is being utilized, then you are losing money (and time) and are unable to make the right business decisions to reduce risk, drive growth, increase profits or have operational efficiency across the board.

2. How does spend management work ?

You order physical Visa cards from Xente and issue them to your team members using Xente's easy-to-use software platform. You fund the cards and set policies to govern how, when, and where the funds are spent. You receive real-time notifications and reports as funds are spent.

3. What are some of the ways I can use Xente's spend management solution ?

Petty cash, online payments, reimbursements, disbursements, per diem, fuel, travel - literally any business expenditure that you need to keep track of.

4. Where can my teams spend ?

Everywhere Visa is accepted, anywhere in the world - online, offline at Visa POS and ATMs.

5. Does spend management work for both physical and virtual Visa cards


6. Are the Visa cards linked to my bank account ?

No - this protects your savings from fraud and overcharges.

7. How do I fund my business Visa cards ?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. When you sign up for a Xente business account you get a Xente business wallet.

2. Seed your wallet with funds from your bank account or mobile money.

3. Fund individual cards with funds from your Xente business wallet.

8. What controls do I have over spend

1. Volume - How much is spent

2. Velocity - How often money is spent

3. Cash - Whether cardholder can withdraw money from ATM or not (Applies only to physical cards)

4. Online payments - Whether a card can be used for online payments or not (Applies only to physical cards)

5. Merchant whitelists - Merchants where the card can be used.

6. Merchant blacklists - Merchants where the card cannot be used.

7. Geography whitelists - In which countries the card can be used

8. Geography blacklists - In which countries the card cannot be used.

9. Do you have customized card solutions ?

Yes. Lets us know what your business case is and will work together to bring a solution to market.

We also have an open API for you to integrate cards into your own platform.

10. How do I get started ?

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