Virtual Visa Cards for business

Generate virtual cards for secure online spending. Make online payments whilst protecting your business from fraud and over charges.

Control Online Spend

Create unique card for every vendor your business uses. Add money and set rules to control how money is spent.

Real-time payment visibility

Access all your online transactions in real time from one payment dashboard to keep track of spending.

Prevent fraud and over charges

Xente virtual cards help protect you from vendor over-charges and fraud. Instead of risking a card linked to your bank account to pay online vendors, use Xente to create a card for every vendor.

Exclusive offers when you sign up

Facebook Ads

$15 when you create a virtual Visa card for Facebook Ads

Google workspace

15$ when you create a virtual Visa card to pay Google.


$50 off your first Amazon Web Services bill.

Uber for business

UGX 50,000 off your first Uber for business bill

1. What is are Xente Visa virtual card ?

A Xente Visa virtual card is a digital card (as opposed to a physical card), complete with unique numbers that you access via a secure link. Use it to make online payments anywhere that Visa is accepted.

2. What are the benefits of virtual Visa cards for business ?

Virtual cards are more secure, prevent vendor fraud, limit your risk with subscriptions, and help control spending.

3. When should businesses consider using Visa virtual cards

Businesses should use virtual cards whenever they shop online, make a one-time purchase, orĀ pay for subscriptions.

4. How do Xente Visa virtual cards for business work ?

1. Sign up for a Xente business account

2. Create a Xente Visa virtual card

3. Assign to your team member - they receive an email with a link to the virtual card

4. Fund the virtual card from your Xente business wallet

5. Pay online anywhere Visa is accepted

5. Can I use virtual cards in-store ?

Virtual cards are designed for online payments.

6. Are Xente Visa virtual cards safe ?

Virtual cards are safer than bank cards, especially for use online. They are not linked to your bank account which protects your business funds from fraud and over-charges.

7. How can my business use Xente Visa virtual cards for subscription management?

Businesses can set up a separate virtual card for each subscription, setting limits on how much can be charged and when the subscription should end. That means vendors can never overcharge you or renew your subscription unless you allow it.

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