Shop and make payments online and mobile, Buy airtime and data bundles,
Pay all your bills, Book tickets for events & movies & travel or pay at the neighborhood shop.
Make all payments big and small on Credit or using Visa & MasterCard and Mobile Money with Xente,
Africa’s #1 digital payment app.

Pay Later

Using Xente, you can shop online as well as sort out all your bills, but Pay Later, to help you manage your budget.

Pay with Visa & MasterCard

Use the Xente app to safely and securely pay for stuff using your Credit/Debit/Prepaid cards issued by Visa & MasterCard.

Pay using Mobile Money

Use the Xente to pay directly from your mobile money account.

Shop online

Xente makes it easier, faster and more secure for you to buy stuff from apps & websites. Pay online merchants on Credit, using Visa or MasterCard or directly from mobile money. When you check out, look for the Pay with Xente logo.

Pay Bill Simplified

Pay for airtime, data bundles, electricity, water, fees and more. Pay Later, Pay using Visa or MasterCard as well as mobile money. Xente helps you pay over 20+ billers across Uganda.

Hustle free tickets

Get event tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets and more without hustles or qualms. Pay Later, Pay using Visa or MasterCard or Mobile Money.

Cash back

Get Cash Back everytime you transact with Xente.

Fanatical customer care

Xente exists to make sure you are happy. If you have any issues please call or WhatsApp +256392176048, email or use our online chat functionality.

Next generation security

We do not store any of your sensitive information like passwords & PINs. We use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to keep you safe from fraudsters.

Built for Africa

If you want to buy stuff from African businesses, Xente was built from the ground up for you.

Paying online is safe & easy with Xente. Connected my Visa & MasterCard & Mobile Money Accounts and boom ! #BetterThanCash
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Whenever I go for an event, I pay for my ticket directly from Mobile Money using Xente. #BetterThanCash
Awesome app. Awesome customer service. Love the cash back !

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